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Carlos Fernández
Número de entradas: 1

Esta es mi propuesta de charlas a discutir, pongo título del trabajo y quien seria el ponente:

-Prediction of Free from Total Mycophenolic Acid Concentrations in Stable Renal Transplant Patients: A Population-Based Approach
Helena Colom
– Computer simulations for bioequivalence trials: Selection of analyte in BCS class II and IV drugs with first-pass metabolism, two metabolic pathways and intestinal efflux transporter.
Victor Mangas
– Model Informed Pediatric Development Applied to Bilastine: Ontogenic PK Model Development, Dose Selection for First Time in Children and PK Study Design
Esther encinas
– Integration of preclinical and clinical knowledge to predict intravenous PK in human: bilastine case study
Esther encinas o Ignacio Ortega
– Systematic Modeling and Design Evaluation of Unperturbed Tumor Dynamics in Xenografts.
Zinnia Parra
– Defining level A IVIVC dissolution specifications based on individual in vitro dissolution profiles of a controlled release formulation
Ignacio González
– Population pharmacokinetics of oxaliplatin after intraperitoneal administration with hyperthermia in Wistar rats
Ricardo Nalda
– Use of a physiologically based pharmacokinetic model to simulate drug-drug interactions between antineoplastic and antiretroviral drugs
Marta Valle
– Population pharmacokinetic modelling of rupatadine solution in 6-11 year olds and optimisation of the experimental design in younger children
Marta Valle
– Predicting tumour growth and its impact on survival in gemcitabine-treated patients with advanced pancreatic cancer.
Iñaki Troconiz